Open and Inclusive· Integrity and Responsible· Safe and Environmental Protection · Professional and Devoted


Open and Inclusive: we have the heart of modesty and tolerance, insist to emancipate the mind and advance with the times, lead the company revolution with global viewpoint and mindset, explore the field of development and enhance the level of development; we have the awareness and mind state of teamwork and cooperation for win-win, we mutually understand and support each other, allow and tolerate reasonable errors in innovation, and proactively create organization atmosphere in harmony.


Integrity and Responsible: we strictly abide by the highest ethical standard and business code in the commercial operation, sincerely treat our employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and other third parties, also encourage employees to sincerely communicate, trust and treat each other friendly, be honest and keep promises. We are devoted to being an enterprise responsible for society, communities, shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees. Every employee must carefully fulfill his/ her duty within the authorized scope and per requirements of the team objectives, be bold to take accountability and take initiative in work, and continually drive the continuous improvement of all the business performance indicators for the company.


Safe and Environmental Protection: we put top priority on safety and environmental protection, proactively advocate the concept that “All Incidents Are Preventable”, require all work to be conducted on the premise that safety of employees, work participators, customers and the public is protected, prevent safety/ environmental incidents, work-related injuries or occupational diseases through engagement to ensure production safety. The company also attaches great importance to identify and eliminate of various hazards and devote to the first class Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance of “Zero Incident, Zero Injury and Zero Pollution”.


Professional and Devoted: profession is a set of systematic and normative industrial work standards that can be widely applied. We work to minimize errors and possibility of failure so as to strive towards success. Devotion is a high level work attitude. We are highly responsible, pay adequate respect and importance to work, and contribute thoughts and energy as needed.