FREP makes every effort to set an example with its commitment to harmonious, sustainable development of the enterprise and surrounding community by adhering to the concept "Highest Priority on Environmental Protection" and continuously improving safety and environmental performance. We require that each individual working for FREP should be committed to continuous improvement in individual and Company's HSE performance, putting health, safety and environmental protection ahead of the economic interests.

FREP applies advanced process technologies and stringent management procedures to optimize the operations of process units, thereby minimizing its energy consumptions and emissions, creating a safe, reliable and environment-friendly surrounding. We have already invested RMB 8 billion Yuan in environmental protection facilities, and we strive to continue to pursue further improvement.

     We have a belief that all incidents and occupational diseases are preventable.

     Our goal is "Zero Incidents", "Zero Injuries", "Zero Pollutions".

     We carry out the guideline "Prevention First" to set a generally acknowledged example in terms of operation and maintenance of
the existing refinery and construction of the integrated FREP project.

     Our HSE program is being improved day by day in full compliance with the state and local governments' laws and regulations.


FREP environmental complaint telephone number: 0595-87023777