Special Statement

Recently some lawless individuals released some employee recruitment information to the outside on the internet or other media in the guise of the name of our company or company recruitment team. We hereby made special statements as followings:
1.      At present, neither any third party nor individual is authorized by our Company to undertake the recruitment activities on behalf of our company. Likewise, the recruitment information released through the mass media shall be in no way directed to any specific organization.
2.      Any action of releasing false recruitment information in the guise of our Company name will be subject to our legal action for maintaining the legal rights and good reputation of our Company.
3.      Should any general public or friendly personnel be interested to learn more information about our Company, please directly visit our website http://www.fjrep.com/.  Any consequence arising out of misdirection or inconvenience caused by non-official information will have nothing to do with us.
It is declared as hereinabove.
                                                                                                                             Oct 23rd, 2008