[2023-11-13]        Co-Creation and Sharing for a Win-Win Future——The Company Held the 2023 Annual Customer Appreciation Meeting
   [2023-10-17]        FREP Boosted Product Export to “Belt and Road” Countries
   [2023-10-16]        The Consul General of the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou Visited the Company
   [2023-10-12]        国家发改委外资司副司长张建华来公司调研
   [2023-09-27]        Company Management Visited Quangang District Maritime Department
   [2023-09-26]        OIMS External Assessment of the Company
   [2023-09-25]        Company Management Visited Quanzhou Customs and other Port Authorities
   [2023-09-14]        公司召开主题教育第一批总结暨第二批部署会议
   [2023-09-13]        Chasing Dreams to Embrace a Better Future
   [2023-08-23]        The Company Management Visited the Frontline Employees in Summer
   [2023-08-04]        The Company Management Visited Hospital 910
   [2023-08-03]        Youth, Set Sail for a New Journey The Company Held New Hires Welcome Meeting of 2023
   [2023-08-02]        Saudi Aramco Asia President Mr. Mitib Al-Harbi Visits the Company
   [2023-07-06]        Peking University Students Visited the Company for Learning and Exchange
   [2023-07-06]        FREP and Gulei Company Signed the Cooperation Agreement
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