[2024-02-29]        Zhang Yigong, Secretary of the Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, Visited the Company for A Survey
   [2024-02-29]        Make Targeted Efforts and Focus on Effectiveness
   [2024-02-26]        公司党委工作会议暨党风廉政建设和反腐败工作会议召开
   [2024-02-26]        FPCL Held the Theme Education Summary Meeting
   [2024-02-07]        Company Management Visited Frontline Employees before the Spring Festival
   [2024-02-02]        The Company Held the 2024 Appreciation Reception for Extending New Year Greetings to Model Workers
   [2024-01-30]        Nader A.Al-Arfaj, President of Saudi Aramco China, visited the Company
   [2024-01-30]        泉州市政协主席肖汉辉节前来公司慰问
   [2024-01-29]        Company Leaders Visited Port Organizations
   [2024-01-28]        Leader of Xiamen Customs Came to the Company for Survey and Research
   [2024-01-24]        They Won the Title of Outstanding Contractor of FREP
   [2024-01-24]        Company Leader Visited Quanzhou Customs and other Port Organizations before the Spring Festival
   [2024-01-17]        Future for the Youth • Face-to-Face Intercourse between the Party Secretary and Young Employees
   [2024-01-16]        Office of President of the Company Visited the Quangang District
   [2024-01-12]        Fujian Gulei Petrochemical Company leaders paid a visit to the Company
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