The Company Management Visited Front-line Employees before the Spring Festival

In the run up to the Spring Festival, on the morning of January 16, entrusted by Liu Xiangdong, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Company, Zhao Tianxing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of FPCL, FREP President Saleh Zaid, Vice President Lin Xu and Vice President Li Ji, led two groups to visit the employees working at frontline, and expressed regards and greetings of the Spring Festival to all.

The Group led by Zhao Tianxing and Lin Xu successively visited the employees of Mechanical Department, Technical& Planning Department and Fuels-1/ Olefins/ Polyolefins/ Utilities Business Teams, as well as SSI, DCS Group, Electrical Operation Group and Terminal Business Team. They talked with the employees cordially and distributed gifts to convey the Spring Festival greetings. The Company management wave and shook and shook hands with the employees, and the employees stood up and applauded to welcome the management personnel.

Zhao Tianxing and the group visited the new office area of Mechanical Department to convey Spring Festival greetings to everyone, and thanked their hard work in project construction, equipment reliability management, etc.

In front of the consoles of Fuels-1 Business Team, Polyolefins Business Team and Utilities Business Team, Zhao Tianxing exchanged cordially with the BTMs and the operators on-post, learned about the production and operation situations, and hoped that everyone would operate carefully and optimize operation for a safe and stable production during the Spring Festival.

In the console area of Olefins Business Team, Zhao Tianxing exchanged cordially with the management personnel of the Business Team. He fully affirmed the accomplishments of the Business Team in production and operation management in the past year, and hoped that they would further strengthen management, maintain safe and stable operation, and give full play to the role of the main force in creating profit for the Company.

At the new Main Substation and the Engineer Building, Zhao Tianxing, Lin Xu and other management shook hands with the employees, inquired about their plans for the Spring Festival, and encouraged all to strengthen on-duty work during the Spring Festival for safe and stable production. They wished all Happy New Year, happy family and everything as wishes.

Departed the plant area, Zhao Tianxing and other management personnel drove to Liyuwei Terminal to visit the frontline employees of Terminal Business Team. They learned about berthing operation and products marine delivery, and hoped that everyone would pay attention to safety during operations, as well as take regular measures against the COVID-19, and work hard for a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.

The Group led by Saleh Zaid and Li Ji visited the employees on-post in Product Quality Center, Fuels-2/ Aromatics/ Offsites/ EOEG Business Teams, and Fire Brigade. The Company management shook hands with the employees to convey the Spring Festival greetings, and wished the employees and their families good health and all the best in the new year.

In CCR1#, Saleh Zaid communicated with the employees of Fuels-2 Business Team. He encouraged the employees to study and summarize process technologies, improve operation control ability, and make improvements for safe, stable, long-term and optimal operation of the units.

Saleh Zaid and other management personnel visited Aromatics Business Team to extend regards to the employees, thanked them for their contributions in improving the Company’s profitability in 2022, and hoped that they could make new contributions and create better achievements in production operation and profitability improvement in the new year.

In Fire Brigade, the fire fighters stepped into a neat formation in high spirits and morale. Saleh Zaid made an impassioned speech to encourage the fire fighters to strengthen training and combat readiness, forge an iron team of fire fighting with high vigilance and precautions, and protect work safety of the Company.

The Company management visited the CCR of EOEG Business Team in Quangang Petrochemical Industrial Park to extend regards to the employees. Saleh Zaid commented that the Company, with the joint efforts of all employees, has worked hard on both epidemic response and continuous improvement of quality/ profitability, and made good accomplishments while passing the test of the epidemic. He hoped that all would maintain safe and stable operation, and make new contributions to the continuous improvement of quality and profitability of the Company.

During the discussion with the employees of different departments and business teams, the Company management commented that we would face arduous tasks in the long journey in the new year, and only concerted efforts could promote the comprehensive improvements of the Company’s competitiveness, safety, production and profitability, as well as the high-quality development of the Company. It was strongly believed that the work hard of all employees would create better future of the Company and happier life of the employees.

Warmth was conveyed in the cold winter, and confidence was strengthened through the greetings. Like a warm current, the Spring Festival greetings brought the hearts of the employees closer. In the new year, the employees will devote themselves to work with stronger confidence and higher enthusiasm, work harder to fully complete the production and operation targets and tasks throughout the year, and make contributions to the all-round high-quality development of the Company. (Text: Xiao Wanyuan Picture: Dong Ming, Zhuang Jiansong)