Sinopec Special Supervision Group Carried out Pre-festival Safety Inspection in the Company

On January 9, led by Chen Dexing, the experts of the Second Refining and Petrochemical Team of the Special Safety Supervisory Inspection Group of Sinopec Group carried out special safety supervision before the Spring Festival in FREP. The Company management Zhao Tianxing, Saleh Zaid, Lin Xu and Ding Hongbo attended the kick-off meeting of the Special Supervision.

In his speech at the kick-off meeting, Chen Dexing stressed the importance of carrying out safety supervision and commented that it was an effective way for Sinopec Group to implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on work safety, further strengthen implementation of safety responsibilities, and promote improvement of work safety. It was a key task in the annual plan of Sinopec Group, aiming at urging enterprises to implement work safety responsibility, and promoting enterprises to strengthen safety risk management and control, driving enterprises to work hard on production safety work at the turning of the year. He explained the main contents and work arrangement of the special safety supervisory inspection and put forward relevant requirements.

Zhao Tianxing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of FPCL, emphasized three requirements in his speech: first, we should further understand the significance of this inspection and attach great importance to it. This special safety supervision, as a comprehensive health review and guidance for production safety work in the Company, would play an important role in promoting work safety performance. All departments and Business Teams were expected to attach great importance to this supervision and communicate its significance to employees, and take this opportunity to strengthen year-end work safety. Second, we should proactively cooperate and comprehensively review the work. All departments and Business Teams were expected to proactively cooperate with the Supervision Team, accept and collect the problems and suggestions put forward by the experts of the Supervision Team with an open mind, and ensure an orderly and efficient inspection. Third, we should make immediate rectifications and take solid measures. All departments and Business Teams were expected to carefully study and analyze the problems pointed out by the Supervision Team, make all out efforts to rectify, and create a safe and stable environment for production operation and quality/ profitability improvement.

President Saleh Zaid welcomed the Supervision Team and reported the overall production safety work of the Company. He commented that the Company firmly established the concept of safe development, and fulfill the primary responsibility of work safety with focus on the annual targets and tasks in the five key focus areas, i.e., "safety, reliability, margin, Opex and people". The Company effectively responded to the impact of COVID-19, and strived to improve overall safety level, to maintain good momentum of work safety and operation management.

Vice President Lin Xu made a special report on work safety in terms of implementing the primary responsibility of work safety, emphasizing basic management, improving the dual prevention mechanism, enhancing field safety management and strengthening contractor management.


It was learned that the special safety supervision team would carry out safety supervision in the Company for a week, with main focus on safety responsibilities implementation, stable production management, interlock and alarm management, and contractor management, to conduct interviews and field inspections.

All departments, Business Teams and relevant personnel of the Company attended the kick-off meeting of the supervision. (Lin Mingbin)