Zhang Yigong, Secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, Visited the Company for Research

On February 4, a delegation led by Zhang Yigong, secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, visited the Company for research. The Company management Liu Xiangdong, Zhao Tianxing and Lin Xu accompanied the research.

Accompanied by the Company management, Zhang Yigong visited Huang Xiaobin Model Worker Safety Innovation Studio and the Exhibition Hall, the observed the emergency drill and learned about the Company development, organizational structure, production and operation, safety management etc, as well as the development planning of the Company in detail.

Zhang Yigong affirmed the development achievements and business performance of FREP. He hoped that on the basis of safe production, low carbon operation and environmental protection, the government and the enterprise could make concerted efforts to understand the direction of industrial development and seize market opportunities. Efforts shall be made on proactively promoting development planning projects, accelerating implementation and startup of high-quality projects, and extending industrial chain to contribute more to the all-round high-quality development of Quanzhou City.


Liu Xiangdong, chairman and secretary of the Party Committee of the Company, commented that the Company would thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of Fujian provincial Party Committee, Fujian provincial government and the Leading Party Members’ Group of Sinopec Group, work on strengthening/ supplementing/ and extending the industry chain based on the petrochemical industry planning and layout of Quanzhou municipal Party Committee and Quanzhou municipal government. The Company would well manage production and operation, to make more contributions to the economic and social development of Quanzhou City.

Xiao Hanhui and Liu Linshuang, leaders of Quanzhou municipal government participated in the research, and the leaders of Quangang district government and Quangang Petrochemical Industrial Park accompanied the research. (Zhang Lei)