They Won the Title of Outstanding Contractor of FREP

On January 24, the Company held the 2023 Annual Contractor Summary and Commendation Conference. P. Suchart and Li Ji, VPs of the Company attended the Conference. Departmental heads of Mechanical Department, HSE Department and other relevant departments and relevant contractors also attended the Conference.

The leaders of the Company commended the work done by the contractors in 2023, expressed warm congratulations to the contractors who received the honor, and put forward requirements for the contractors’ work in 2024: First, emphasize the necessity of continuing to strengthen working personnel education and training, and effectively strengthen teams’ safety risk awareness, improve emergency preparedness capabilities and professional skills; second, it is necessary to improve management competence across the board to adapt to the Company’s continuously upgraded safety and environmental protection management requirements; third, the contractors should continue to improve the contractors’ safety management systems to continuously improve safety, quality, and effectively give play to the contractors’ safety management systems through improving and perfecting such systems to continuously improve safety performance.

The outstanding contractors for the year of 2023 were commended at the Conference. First Prize for Major Contractors: Huizhou Tianxin Petrochemical; First Prize for Auxiliary Contractors: Jiangsu Sutan; Second Prize for Major Contractors: Changlian Electromechanical; Second Prize for Auxiliary Contractors: Chaoyang Construction & Installation; Third Prize for Major Contractors: Nanjing Yangzi Peirochemical Maintenance&installation; Third Prize for Auxiliary Contractors: Shucheng Tiejia; Professional Outstanding Contractors: Xiamen Yingshengjie, Fuyuan Logistics, Zhentong Auto Repair, Hui'an Yongxin, Xiamen Hongxuanda, Beijing Yanhua. (Xiao Wanyuan and Liu Jiwen)