The Company Held the 2024 Appreciation Reception for Extending New Year Greetings to Model Workers

On the afternoon of February 2, the Company held the 2024 Appreciation Reception for Extending New Year Greetings to Model Workers. Company leaders Lin Xu and Yang Fei attended the Appreciation Reception and gathered together with representatives from the Company’s all BTs and departments who won honorary titles such as municipal model workers and above and “May 1st” labor medal winners to embrace the New Year and envisage the future.

The leaders of the Company fully commended the work performance of the model workers in the past year, thanked them for their contributions to the Company’s production safety, operation management, and reform and development. They hoped that all model workers would continue to carry forward the model worker spirit, give play to the demonstration effect, and take the lead in building a solid foundation for safety and environmental protection, take practical measures in terms of quality & profit improvement, make new achievements in completing the TA, and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China with outstanding results. At the same time, they wished all model workers good health, happiness to their families, and good luck in the Year of the Dragon.

Lin Xu pointed out that the model workers advocated dedication, excellent performance, and innovation. Over the past year, the model workers, together with cadres and employees of the Company, have withstood severe tests and market impacts, moved forward under pressure, overcame difficulties, stay committed to their positions, and made active contributions. Thanks to their efforts, the Company saw the HSE work turning for the better amid stability, quality and effectiveness of production and operation improve. It is their hard work and sweat that has got hard-won achievements. This year, the Company faces three major tasks, namely, safe operation, benefits creation in business operations, and TA. Lin Xu hoped that the model workers would continue to inherit the spirit of petroleum, promote the traditions of petrochemical industry, and make new contributions in terms of implementing safety measures, achieving stable production, strengthening performance of duties, take practical actions to address potential hazard, enhancing team building, promoting personnel development. In particular, they need to focus on the operational characteristics of existing units, carry out work with focus placed on the principal contradiction and principal aspects of such contradictions, ensure safe and smooth operation before maintenance; at the same time, they need to make every effort to carry out various tasks under the TA, ensuring safe shutdown, efficient TA, and smooth operation.

Yang Fei pointed out that this year marked the final stage of the “TA with six-year cycle” initiative for production units, and all work must focus on safe production and improving quality and efficiency. He hoped that all model workers would take the lead in completing the targets and tasks as always. Yang Fei emphasized that it was necessary to create a strong atmosphere within the Company that advocated being model workers and learned from the advanced, make good use of the deeds of advanced and typical figures around them, tell the stories of model workers, and inspire young employees to carry forward the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor, and the spirit of craftsmanship, urge them to grow and become talents based on their positions, embody values, showcase style and feel happiness in labor. It was also necessary to give full play to the demonstration and leading role of model workers in labor competitions, technical training, on-job training, skills competitions, etc., to provide all-round support for model worker craftsmen to better display their talents and spiritual character. The Trade union should care for and act like family members of model workers, provide better services to them, and create a sound atmosphere of caring for, respecting, and striving to be model workers.

At the Appreciation Reception, Zhang Zhaohong, the national model worker, Huang Xiaobin and Wu Liangjiang, the Fujian provincial model workers respectively reported on the construction of the model worker innovation Workshop, organization of the employee skills competitions and the construction and operation of the Safety Culture Experience Hall and Educational Practice Base for Improving Intellectual Literacy of Youth, shared their work prospects in light of their priorities in 2024. Chen Chao, winner of the “May 1st” Labor Medal of Fujian Province, and Qian Cheng, a Quanzhou model worker, as representatives of young model workers, shared their experiences and thoughts based on development of skills, team building and other aspects.

Representatives of model workers present at the Appreciation Reception spoke freely, shared personal growth experiences, thanked the Company and the Party organizations for their care and cultivation, and put forward opinions and suggestions on production safety, operation and management, and corporate development.

On the occasion of the New Year, the Company’s Labor Union meticulously prepared a New Year blessing package to send the model worker representatives the care and warmth of the Company’s Party Committee, Office of President and the Trade Union in advance. (Xiao Wanyuan)