Company Leader Visited Quanzhou Customs and other Port Organizations before the Spring Festival

On January 24, Li Ji, VP of the Company led a team to visit Quanzhou Customs, sent New Year greetings in advance, and held talks with Tian Shuai, Director of Quanzhou Customs.

Li Ji introduced the Company’s production and operation last year and the preparations for the TA in 2024, and thanked Quanzhou Customs for its strong support to the Company. He said that Quanzhou Customs was concerned about the development of the Company, helping it overcome the adverse effects of typhoons such as Dusuri and Haikui, and handled customs clearance procedures for it as soon as possible to ensure smooth and orderly production. As 2024 is the year of TA for FREP, we hoped that Quanzhou Customs would continue to provide support and assistance, continue to strengthen the close collaboration mechanism between FREP and the Customs, and jointly contribute to local economic and social development.

Tian Shuai said that FREP is a key enterprise in the customs area. Quanzhou Customs will stay committed to the concept of serving enterprises, explore innovations in the supervision model, continue to optimize the supervision mechanism, make good and full use of policies that benefit enterprises, and provide enterprises with more convenient customs clearance environment to help the Company develop better and faster.

On the same day, Li Ji and his delegation also visited the Quanzhou Customs Office at Quangang District and the Xiaocuo Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station, and had cordial talks with Yu Xiaoqing, Director of the Quanzhou Customs Office at Quangang District, and Wu Bing, Director of the Xiaocuo Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station.

Heads and relevant personnel from the Company’s Supply & Distribution Department, Marketing & Sales Dept. and other departments accompanied the visit. (Zhang Lei Qian Jinjun)