Company Leaders Visited Port Organizations

On January 29, as the Spring Festival was approaching, P. Suchart, VP of the Company and his delegation visited port organizations such as Quangang District Marine Affairs Department and Meizhou Bay Port Management Development Center.

P. Suchart held talks successively with Zheng Hualin, Director of Quangang Maritime Affairs Department, and Yu Xianshun, Director of Meizhou Bay Port Management and Development Center. He thanked the port organizations for their support and assistance in the Company’s production and operation in the past year, and extended New Year greetings in advance.

P. Suchart introduced the Company’s production and operation in the past year, as well as the 2024 TA plan and preparations. He said that the port organizations have given the Company strong supports in terms of berth availability, navigation project construction, and production safety, creating favorable conditions for the Company’s stable and orderly operations. 2024 is the year of TA, revamp and improvement for FREP. We hope to strengthen communication with port units, deepen cooperation, actively promote port standardization, and jointly promote high-quality local economic and social development.

Zheng Hualin and Yu Xianshun expressed their gratitude to the Company for its long-term understanding and support for port work. He said that he would focus on the principle of “serving enterprises”, strengthen security control and service guarantees, continue to optimize the port business environment, and further prosper the port economy.

Kang Qingshan, General Manager of the Process Department of the Company, heads of related business teams accompanied the visit. (Zhang Lei)