Office of President of the Company Visited the Quangang District

On January 16, Saleh Zaid, Lin Xu, P. Suchart , and Li Ji, members of the Company’s Office of President visited Quangang District.

Yang Changwen, the Secretary of Quangang District Party Committee, Yang Fengxiang, the Chief of Quangang District, and Chen Shalong, the Director of Quangang Petrochemical Park met with the Company’s Office of President delegation.

The Company’s president Saleh Zaid introduced the Company’s production and operation and future development planning, and expressed appreciation to the Quangang District Party Committee and District Government for their support and help to FREP. He said that FREP has taken root in Quangang and continued to grow and prosper, and has established a profound friendship with the locality. FREP will actively fulfill its social responsibilities, strengthen production safety and environmental protection, actively promote project construction, and attract more highly skilled talents to settle here, be a "good neighbor" of the community and contribute to better and faster development of Quangang District.

Yang Changwen thanked FREP for its supports and contributions to Quangang’s economic development over the years. He said that FREP was a leading local enterprise and played a very supportive and leading role in promoting local economic development. The Quangang District Party Committee and District Government will continue to support the development of FREP, strengthen service awareness, and make every effort to deliver sound services in all aspects and create a good environment for its high-quality development.

Yang Changwen said that making the petrochemical industry bigger and stronger was the shared goal of Quangang District and FREP. He hoped that FREP will promote the implementation of projects under the development planning on the basis of ensuring production safety and further expand and extend the petrochemical industry chain so as to enhance its competitiveness and continue to support the development of Quangang.

Both FREP and the local government exchanged comments on topics of concern, hoping to further strengthen communication and exchanges with and explore in depth opportunities for cooperation and development. (Zhang Lei)