Leader of Xiamen Customs Came to the Company for Survey and Research

On January 28, Zhu Guangyao, Director of Xiamen Customs came to the Company for Survey and Research. Li Ji, VP of the Company met with Zhu Guangyao and his delegation, and communicated on topics of common interest to both parties.

Li Ji expressed his sincere gratitude to the Customs for its continued care and support for the Company. He said that the Customs has given the Company strong support in terms of typhoon prevention and flood control, customs clearance convenience, and production safety, creating favorable conditions for the Company to overcome difficulties and cope with extreme weather. He briefly introduced the Company’s production and operation since the beginning of this year. He said that in the face of violent fluctuations in oil prices and severe market conditions, the Company dived deep to explore the potential of its units, captured market opportunities, and increased the production of high-value products, bringing the Company’s overall business situation better.

In the Company’s Safety Culture Experience Hall, Zhu Guangyao and his delegation visited functional areas for VR scene simulation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and fire extinguishing to learn about the Company’s safety culture construction. He commended the Company’s investments and efforts in building a safety culture. He hoped that the Company would continue to make good use of the Experience Hall and create a sound atmosphere where everyone is concerned about safety.

Zhu Guangyao and his delegation came to the Company’s Exhibition Hall and listened to work reports on the Company’s development history, production and operation, safety and environmental protection, etc., learned about the Company’s scale of units, process technologies, product types, etc., and listened in detail to the report on incoming and outgoing process for the feedstocks and products of the Company, which involved in supervisory services of the Customs. He said that FREP is the leader in the local petrochemical industry, and it should continue to play a leading role, ensure production safety, and effectively promote the coordinated development of downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. He emphasized that the Customs should conduct researches on preferential policies for customs clearance facilitation from the perspective of combining “streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services”, provide comprehensive services to meet the needs of enterprises, enable enterprises to grow better and faster, and make greater contributions to local economic development.

Tian Shuai, Director of the Quanzhou Customs, Yang Fengxiang, District Chief of the Quangang District, and heads of relevant units and relevant departments of Company accompanied the survey and research. (Zhang Lei)