Nader A.Al-Arfaj, President of Saudi Aramco China, visited the Company

On January 30, Mr. Nader A.Al-Arfaj, President of Saudi Aramco China, visited the Company.

Lin Xu, P. Suchart and Li Ji, VPs of the Company met with Mr. Nader A.Al-Arfaj and his delegation, and the host and guest had friendly talks.

Lin Xu, P. Suchart and Li Ji, on behalf of Office of President, welcomed Mr. Mr. Nader A.Al-Arfaj to visit FREP and introduced production and operation, future development and preparations for the Turnaround in 2024. They said that the Company’s management was determined to refine the improvement plan, take necessary measures and actions to continuously improve business performance, and hoped to work together with shareholders to move towards the common goals.

Mr. Nader A.Al-Arfaj expressed his pleasure to visit FREP and commended the performance of the joint venture in the past year. He said that the achievements of FREP were obvious to all, especially those in the construction of safety culture and continuous improvement of quality and efficiency, which were the results of the unremitting efforts and hard work of the management led by Office of President. He hoped that FREP could continue to pay attention to safety, reliability and other aspects and maintain a healthy and stable financial status. He expected all shareholders to further strengthen cooperation and promote continuous increase of benefits of the joint venture. He believed that FREP would achieve greater success in 2024 and embrace even better future for development.

Before the meeting, Mr. Nader A.Al-Arfaj, accompanied by leaders of Technical & Planning Department, Supply & Distribution Department and other departments, visited the Company’s exhibition hall and production unit area. (Xiao Wanyuan)