Future for the Youth • Face-to-Face Intercourse between the Party Secretary and Young Employees

On the afternoon of January 17, the Company held an event themed “Future for the Youth · Face-to-Face Intercourse between the Party Secretary and Young Employees” at the Youth Spiritual Improvement and Exploration Base. Zhang Xiguo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, Yang Fei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Chairman of the Trade Union of the Company, heads of Organization Department of the Party Committee of FPCL as well as Process Department, Office of Party Committee and Union and other departments of the Company, gathered around the table to talk freely with nearly 30 youth representatives from Process Department and Mechanical Department, including model workers, outstanding front-line shift team leads, skills competition winners, and front-line league cadres, to listen to their voices, answer their questions, talk about their growth, and build their dreams, and convey the Company’s Party Committee’s concerns and expectations for growth of youth face to face.

At the meeting, young employees enthusiastically shared their experience in terms of team building, skills competitions, learning and training, talent training, and other aspects, talked about their growth stories,gains and experiences, and made recommendations in the form of “complaints”. Company leaders listened patiently and responded to their concerns.

Zhang Xiguo listened and took note of the young employees’ speeches, and praised the young employees for demonstrating their style on the competition terrain, showcasing responsibility at work, and integrating their own youthful attitude in the course of development. Based on their speeches, he expressed his high expectations for young people:

Insisting on continuously learning as a regular practice and being the pioneer in improving themselves. The key to improving intellectual literacy of youth lies in improving their skills and fostering sound style of work. Skills represent the foundation which determines a person’s working competence. While, style of work is the key which determines how high they can attain. Young people should work hard to practice their skills based on their positions, be diligent in learning and accumulate experience in multiple positions, dare to compete in the arena, insist on integrating learning with thinking and application, and constantly improve themselves.

Insisting on toughening themselves and striving to be a pioneer in building a first-class enterprise. Striving for first-class excellence is our consistent pursuit. To benchmark against first-class standards, we need to make safety and stability the foundation. Young people should be pioneers in detecting potential hazards and eliminating risks. To create first-class performance, we need to have first-class technical operation indicators, and young people should be pioneers in system implementation and operation optimization.

Insisting on being collaborative and be willing to serve as a stepping stone in building a strong team. Unity, hard work and teamwork represent our corporate spirit. Young people should view the relationship between competition and collaboration correctly. Competition lies in self-pressure and self-motivation, while collaboration lies in pooling the wisdom and efforts of everyone and coordinated operations. Young people must have great ambitions, bear in mind the overall picture, and approach everything in the shoes of the superiors and subordinates, so that they can truly hone themselves and build a strong team in practice.

Yang Fei encouraged young employees to forge their foundation and strengthen their ideals and beliefs of loving and being dedicated to one’s work; make up for shortcomings by identifying shortcomings and gaps in quality and ability, and actively sharpen their willpower and increase their talents; build their strengths, discover their characteristics and highlights, master unique skills in light of their own actual conditions, stay committed to and focused on what they love and really be there.

“One must be self-motivated for approaching everything in life, even if it be but a halting step each time; over time, this accumulation can usher you into a vast realm”. This face-to-face event was a concrete measure taken by the Company’s Party Committee to care for young employees and the specific practice to promote the theme education programs for league members and the young employees. Subsequently, the Company will take advantage of the existing platform to improve the mechanisms, continuously diversify and expand the vehicles for serving the purpose of making young people grow and become talents, appeal to the hearts of young people, inspire them to be ambitious, lead them to take actions, and drive the masses of young people to be practical and pioneering in doing, thus contributing more youthful power to driving the Company's high-quality development in the new era. (Zhang Lei)