Company Management Visited Frontline Employees before the Spring Festival

On the morning of February 7 right before the Spring Festival, Zhang Xiguo, the Company’s Chairman and secretary of the Company Party Committee, Lin Xu, member of the Company Party Committee and VP of the Company, Yang Fei, deputy secretary of the Company Party Committee, secretary of the Company Discipline Inspection Commission and Chairman of Labor Union, P. Suchart and Li Ji, VPs of the Company visited the front line employees in two groups, to express Spring Festival greetings to all working on posts during the festival.

Zhang Xiguo and Li Ji visited the on-duty employees of Mechanical Department, T&P Department, Fuels-1 BT, Olefins BT, PO BT, Utilities BT, Shift Superintendent, Electrical Operation Group and Terminal BT, had a cordial talk with them and distributed holiday gifts. At each of their stop, the Company management waved to and shook hands with the employees, who stood up and applauded to welcome.

Zhang Xiguo and other leaders came to the new office of MECH Dept. to extend New Year greetings to the employees and thanked their hard work in project’s construction and equipment reliability management.

Zhang Xiguo inquired about the progress of the construction of the employee cafeteria, and required that the Employee Cafeteria Relocation Project should be one of the practical projects benefiting employees, and that practical things should be well implemented and good things should be executed in a down-to-earth manner.

Later on, the leaders of the Company came to CCR 2# to express their greetings to the frontline employees.

In front of the operation consoles of Fuels-1 BT, PO BT, Utilities BT, Zhang Xiguo had cordial talks with the Business Team Managers and the operators to understand the production and operation, and expressed expectations on good operation and optimization, to ensure safe and stable production during the festival period. He emphasized that during the festival, efforts must be made to ensure implementation of responsibilities and supply of materials in terms of production and operation, firmly hold the bottom line and red line of production safety, and fully provide service guarantees for employees working hard at the frontline, so that everyone can feel the warmth of home.

At the operation console of Olefin BT, Zhang Xiguo talked cordially with BT management personnel and fully affirmed the achievements of the BT in production and operation management over the past year. He hoped the BT to further strengthen management, maintain safe and stable operations, and give full play to the role of the main force for profit-making.

In the new General Substation and Engineer Building, Zhang Xiguo shook hands with employees to express his greetings, asked with concern about the personnel arrangements during the Spring Festival, and encouraged employees to strengthen on-duty performance during the festival so as to ensure safe and stable production.

In the Engineer Building, Zhang Xiguo and his delegation extended New Year’s greetings to the engineers, hoping that they would further make innovation and create benefits, contribute to the Company’s continuous quality and profitability improvement, and wished them good luck and family happiness in the Year of the Dragon.

Zhang Xiguo, Li Ji and other management departed the plant area for LYW Terminal to visit and express greetings to the frontline employees of Terminal BT. They inquired about the berthing operation and product shipment, and expected all to work safely and have a safe and harmonious Spring Festival.

Lin Xu, Yang Fei, and P. Suchart visited the Product Quality Center, Fuels-2 BT, Aromatics BT, Offsites BT, the Fire Group, EOEG to express greetings to the employees on duty. At each of their stop, they shook hands with employees and expressed New Year greetings, and wished employees and their families good health and good luck in the new year.

In CCR 1#, Lin Xu and other management talked with employees of Fuels-2 BT. They encouraged the employees to summarize and study production technology for strengthened operation ability and safe/stable/optimal operation in fully load and long term.

Lin Xu and other management came to Aromatics BT to express greetings and thanked the BT for its outstanding contributions to improving the Company’s profits in 2023. In particular, the Company’s chemical segment ranks among the best among Sinopec Group, which is inseparable from the contributions of Aromatics BT. It is hoped that Aromatics BT will make new achievements and create new achievements in operation/profitability in the new year.

In the Fire Brigade, the fire fighters were in high spirit, high morale and lined up in neat formation. Lin Xu and other management encouraged the fire fighters to strengthen training and combat readiness, build an iron team of firefighting, enhance vigilance, take precautions, and protect the Company’s production safety.

Lin Xu, Yang Fei, and P. Suchart went to EOEG CCR in the Petrochemical Industrial Park to express their greetings. Lin Xu said that in 2023, with the joint efforts of all employees, good performance had been achieved. He hoped that everyone would continue to maintain safe and stable operations and ensure safe and smooth operation of units during the Spring Festival with a high sense of responsibility and full enthusiasm for work.

In the conversation with employees of different units, Company management hoped that in the new year, facing a long journey with heavy tasks, we should make joint efforts, thus the Company could comprehensively enhance its competitiveness, with better safety, production and profitability, and continuously promote high-quality development. They believed that as long as we worked hard, the Company would become better and the employees would be happier.

The visits and greetings passed warmth and care, and further built employees’ confidence and cohesion. All employees would work hard in the new year with higher confidence and enthusiasm, strive to fully complete production and operation annual targets and tasks of production/ operation, and contribute to the high-quality development of the Company. (Xiao Wanyuan and Dong Ming)