The Company Held Innovation Day Award Ceremony of 2022

On April 3, the Company held "Innovation Day Award Ceremony of 2022" to summarize and review the achievements of the innovation day activity in the past year, and awarded the winners. Vice President Lin Xu and Vice President Li Ji attended the award ceremony.

In 2022, by conducting field draw, visiting shift teams at shift team safety learning days, conducting special idea collection activities, and establishing connections with Zhang Zhaohong Model Worker Innovation Studio, Wu Liangjiang Model Worker Innovation Studio and Huang Xiaobin Model Worker Safety Innovation Studio, the Innovation Day activity encouraged employees to actively participate, collect and publicize valuable ideas for practicing, and promote tracking and implementation of these ideas to continuously create profits for the Company.

Lin Xu commented that first, we should gather innovative wisdom. Continuous efforts should be made on innovation day activities to build an important platform for mass innovation and profit creation, stimulate the employees' enthusiasm for innovation and their creativity, and provide suggestions for the Company's development. Second, we should stimulate innovative vitality. Innovation was related to the sustainable development of the Company. We should closely focus on the gaps and weaknesses, keep up with technological trends, keep pace with the times, further reform and innovation in fields like production, operation and marketing, pick up the powerful development momentum through innovative activities, and continuously enhance our market competitiveness. Third, we should proactively cultivate innovative talent team. Relying on the innovation day activity mechanism, collaborate with the four Model Worker and employee innovation studios in terms of production, equipment, safety and technology, leverage organizational advantages, give full play to the platform role, build a nest to attract talents, guide young talents to actively devote to the Company's development, demonstrate their youthful talents, realize their values and career dreams, and contribute their wisdom and strength to the sustainable development of the Company.

A total of 2,167 golden ideas were collected during the Golden Idea Selection Activity. After preliminary sorting and screening by the Innovation Day Committee, 36% of the golden ideas reached the competition for awards. After three rounds of evaluation, including Round A/ B/ C, the first/ second/ third prizes of Edison Award, as well as the Executive Award, the Golden Craftsman Award and the Golden Pen Award were selected.

Unanimously recognized by the judges, the idea proposed by He Beiqi from Technical &Planning Department, adding flue gas energy recovery equipment to POX steam superheater, won the first prize of Edison Award. Vice President Lin Xu, Vice President Li Ji and the Innovation Day Sponsor Ding Xiaowei presented awards to the winners respectively. In addition, the management also presented award certificates to the representatives who won the best research group and the best apprenticeship. (Zhang Lei of Innovation Day Group)