The Company Conducted Leadership Engagement Assessment (LEAP)

On March 27, the Company held a kickoff meeting for Leadership Engagement Assessment (LEAP) of 2023 at the Science &Technology Hall.

Members of OOP, Saleh Zaid, Lin Xu, Suchart Phowatthanasathian and Li Ji attended the meeting. Members of the LEAP team from shareholder Saudi Aramco, as well as management and relevant personnel of Departments and Business Teams of the Company, attended the meeting.

OOP welcomed the LEAP team and commented that we should make full use of this leadership engagement assessment, communicate with an open mind, identify gaps and take actions for greater improvement.

As the representative of the LEAP team, Roger explained the assessment process in terms of objectives, methodology and steps, and introduced the timeline for this leadership engagement assessment. He hoped everyone to proactively participate in the assessment process and make joint efforts to support FREP’s development.

On April 7, the Company held a closure meeting for LEAP 2023 at the Science &Technology Hall.

Vice President Suchart Phowatthanasathian attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He commented that in the past two weeks, the LEAP team not only interviewed the employees at all levels, but also conducted detailed field identifications, formed a comprehensive report, provided good recommendations for the Company to further improve performance.

As the representative of the LEAP team, Nathaniel Alli presented the assessment process in terms of leadership, HSE management, safety culture, strengths, mindset and improvement opportunities.

This leadership engagement assessment lasted for two weeks with a focus on interviews supported by documentation and field verification, to discuss, classify, and quantify the leadership actions and behaviors felt and observed by the interviewees.

LEAP: Leadership Engagement Assessment Process

 (Chen Qianying, Zhang Lei)