The Company Was Awarded as the National

On March 24, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China announced the Green Manufacturing List of 2022. FREP was awarded the title of “Green Factory”. With its outstanding performance and achievements in the field of green development, the Company was successfully selected in the national list of "Green Factory" of 2022 after being awarded the title of "Green Factory" of Fujian Province in 2022.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology carried out the selection of green manufacturing list to implement the "Made in China 2025", so as to promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, continuously build role models of green manufacturing, and lead the green transformation of industries in related fields. In this initiative, "green factories" are the core of the green manufacturing system, with a focus on greening of the manufacturing process.

FREP has been keeping firm concept of green development, continuously promoted energy conservation and energy structure adjustment, and has always been committed to the coordinated development of health, safety and environment. FREP has been making continuous efforts to mitigate the impact of production activities on environment, while achieved improvement in all business areas at the same time.

By using advanced automation technology, the Company achieved integrated management and control of the digital plant and ensured stable and optimal operation of all units. In addition, the Company used scientific methods to accurately control the production process, produce high-quality petrochemical products, and provide clean fuels for social and economic development.

The Company paid high attention on construction and implementation of management systems, established the Operational Integrity Management System (OIMS), rolled out and passed the third-Party certifications such as environmental management system, quality management system, energy management system and measurement management system. The energy efficiency indicators of PP Unit and Aromatics Complex of the Company were among the top in the industry, and was awarded the title of “provincial-level energy efficiency leading enterprise” by Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. In recent years, the Company has successively implemented three projects, including the Low-temperature Waste Heat Recovery and Reuse Project, to further reduce energy consumption of the units and achieve low-carbon energy. After the PV project (Phase I) was put into operation, the Company stepped up and planned to build a photovoltaic power station of 21MW installed capacity, so as to inject more "green power" into the Company's development.

 The report of the 20th CPC National Congress put forward the requirement to "promote high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry". In the future, the Company would firmly adhere to the high-quality development path of green and low-carbon, comprehensively promote energy conservation, carbon reduction, pollution reduction and environmental protection, promote green and sustainable development of the Company, and contribute to construction of a beautiful China! (Wang Wei, Zhang Lei)